Welcome to Imago Reliquiae

Just excavated a vestige of the future. He stands before a portal to the past, a bridge to the future, the arch that supports the weight of reality, distributing and optimizing the burdens of his project.

What is Imago Reliquiae?About Us

Digital Heritage

Digitization of resilient heritage. Virtualization of lost heritage. Virtual reconstruction of heritage: Hypothetical approach to the material and immaterial culture of the past based on archaeological and documentary sources.

Visual Marketing

Design, prototyping, proof of concept, and advertising of brands and products. 3D printing.


Virtual photorealistic visualization of public and private nature projects, construction, rehabilitation, and real estate remodeling. Interior and exterior 3D designs.

Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Virtual portrait approximation of individuals from skeletal remains.

3D Printing

Cr茅ation de r茅pliques, maquettes, prototypes et objets originaux.

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