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Imagen interior de un kiosko moderno junto a la entrada del Metro Sol en la Nueva Plaza de la Puerta del Sol de Madrid, mostrando una perspectiva aberrante. ArchVIZ

New Square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid: A…

Cities are constantly changing, and Madrid is no exception. Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with the production company MBC Audiovisuales to bring to life the new square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid on the program “Desmontando Madrid“.

Nueva Plaza de la Puerta del Sol de Madrid

Works in the Heart of the Capital of Spain

Puerta del Sol has been the pulsating heart of Madrid since the 17th century. Today, with its transformation nearing completion, we can already showcase architectural previews of this public project that, through a series of virtual integrations, allow glimpses into the future appearance of this iconic meeting point. This offers a striking comparison between its current state and its imminent configuration.


The Working Process: ArchVIZ and Virtual Integration

The creation of high-quality content showcasing the outcome of construction or urban and architectural renovation works, from the planning stage even before the commencement of the actual construction, requires extensive knowledge and a meticulous process that adds value to our services, at least until artificial intelligence is capable of creating stable and replicable images, videos, and scenes that consistently follow logical conceptual frameworks.

Our work in the program dedicated to “El Madrid del Futuro,” which featured several scenes showcasing the new square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid, involved creating virtual integrations for the dissemination of architectural visuals. Virtual integration allows us to incorporate our 3D model into a real photograph or video, creating an accurate and compelling presentation of the completed project. This process includes camera matching and camera tracking to precisely align our 3D model with the original image.

Next, we create detailed and realistic 3D models of the architectural elements based on references, utilizing techniques such as modeling, texturing, and lighting adjustments. These models are then combined with the virtual environment to obtain a comprehensive and detailed representation of how the renovated square will blend with the existing urban surroundings.

Collectively, our approach to virtual integration and architectural visualization provides a realistic vision of what the new square Puerta del Sol will look like after the completion of the public works, allowing us to anticipate its impact on the urban environment of Madrid.

The Future of Puerta del Sol: Pedestrianization and Modernity

The reform of the Puerta del Sol square marks a milestone in the evolution of Madrid. Following a trend that began in the late 19th century, the square will be transformed into a completely pedestrian space, prioritizing people over motorized vehicles and including a “bike lane”.

Our visualization details the most significant changes of an open square with an artificial appearance and devoid of natural shadows. The new pavement of the square is composed of large granite slabs, among which a series of metal embellishments are radially arranged on the elliptical side, resembling rays of sunlight. A sequence of benches is also arranged in the same pattern on the northern side. The famous equestrian statue of Carlos III will leave its privileged location in the center of the urban space and be relocated to one side of the square, decentralized within an elliptical fountain. The main lighting of the fountain is arranged in a manner that evokes the flag of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

Untitled 2.5.1
Untitled 2.4.1 FIX

The symbiosis between glass and metal is one of the most striking features of the new urban furniture. The controversial “whale” that provides access to the train and metro interchange will be replaced by an oval-shaped structure that is completely glazed. There is a significant debate surrounding this structure, and as of today, it is not clear whether it will actually be executed.

Untitled 1.4.1 FIX

The traditional kiosks and lottery stands will be completely replaced by more modern, centralized, and open structures, which have already been installed at both ends of the longitudinal axis of the square. The elevators also use the same materials with a modernist aesthetic and a touch of futuristic minimalism.

Untitled 1.5.1 FIX
Untitled 1.3.1 FIX

The statue of Venus or Diana, popularly known as “Mariblanca” will also be relocated, along with the famous sculpture of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree (a speaking figure in the heraldry of the city of Madrid). Both statues will be slightly moved from their current locations to be situated at both ends of the square, marking the beginning and the end of the series of benches that provide resting spots for pedestrians.

Untitled 1.6.1 FIX FIX

The famous plaque that marked the Kilometer 0 of the radial roads of Spain will also undergo a change in its appearance, replacing the traditional and discreet square tile of the past with a compass rose. The new design features metallic embellishments radiating outwards and includes indications along its border pointing to the directions of some of the main Spanish cities.

Untitled 1.2.2 1

Digital Technologies: A World of Possibilities at Your Fingertips

Thanks to the virtual integration of architectural visuals, we have been able to bring the new square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid to life. This project has allowed us to showcase how public works can transform an urban space and how technology and our products can serve as a bridge between the present and the future.

New Square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid

We hope that this content about the future Puerta del Sol in Madrid has given you an idea of the possibilities offered by virtual integration in the field of architecture and urban planning. If you have a project, we will be delighted to bring it to life, helping architects, engineers, and other project stakeholders gain a clearer and more accurate understanding of the results once the construction is completed. Moreover, this allows citizens to understand the upcoming changes and improvements, creating a positive anticipation around the project.

Habitación con banqueta al pie de la cama y jardín interior con roca natural en la Escuela de Diseño de Madrid: un oasis de serenidad y belleza natural. ArchVIZ

Reform Project of the School of Design in Madrid

3D Urban and Real Estate Planning

The Reform Project of the School of Design in Madrid was spearheaded by designer Ana Osende a year ago, who discovered a rapid and effective solution to her architectural visualization needs in our company. This solution was particularly applied to the main suite of her renovation plan for IADE.

This endeavor, both academic and professional in nature, addressed the necessity for visual impact studies in the restoration of heritage properties. Such studies can only be fully guaranteed by specialists through photorealistic virtual simulations. These simulations are paramount in interior and exterior projects, as well as civil engineering or heritage restoration efforts, providing a platform to project and test architectural concepts. ArchVIZ is the solution.

We provide a range of visuals for various scopes, including 2D, 3D, 360º (VT-TA) or VR, which serve to give clients a glimpse into the potential outcomes before the commencement of actual works. This allows for a thorough examination of whether the design criteria and clients’ needs are met regarding volumes, finishes, and lighting.

3D Architectural Cinematics

Utilizing the latest technologies, our 3D architectural cinematics bring a dynamic perspective to every project. This cutting-edge tool, often employed in the Reform Project of the School of Design in Madrid, breathes life into architectural designs, helping clients envision the finished product in an immersive, realistic context.

360º Virtual Tour

Experience your architectural vision firsthand with our 360º virtual tours. This innovative feature is a hallmark of the ArchVIZ solution, enabling clients to virtually navigate through the proposed design, understanding its spatial dynamics, and appreciating its aesthetic nuances.

High-quality Renders of the Rooms

Our high-quality room renders serve as a crucial component in visualizing the end-result of design endeavors. From the subtlest lighting details to the most vibrant color palettes, these renders provide an accurate, photorealistic preview of the interior spaces.

Living Room

Imagine your ideal living room with our high-fidelity 3D models. As a key part of our ArchVIZ solution, we transform your design ideas into tangible visuals, providing an accurate depiction of the potential atmosphere and character of this central space in your home.

Reform Project of the School of Design in Madrid

Bedroom and Interior Garden

Our ArchVIZ solution also extends to bedrooms and interior gardens. Visualize your dream bedroom and tranquil interior garden using our high-quality renders. Experience the tranquility and comfort of your designs before they come to life, ensuring your spaces will be as inviting and restful as you’ve imagined.

Camara10 1

Dressing Room

Designing the perfect dressing room can be a challenging task, but our ArchVIZ solution makes it easier. Our intricate 3D models perfectly capture your design intent, showcasing the practicality and elegance of your dressing room plans. Experience your design beforehand and make necessary adjustments to ensure a flawless execution of your vision.

ReRenders 4K0004 RetroIlu GlarePEQ

Bathrooms and Toilets

For more private areas like bathrooms and toilets, ArchVIZ delivers detailed and realistic 3D models. Our service allows you to fully understand the layout, aesthetics, and functionality of your designs, ensuring that these essential spaces meet your expectations and needs.

ReRenders 4K0007FIX Glare Expo1 Fog Compo

In conclusion, our ArchVIZ solution is an invaluable tool for all aspects of 3D urban and real estate planning. Whether you’re a professional designer like Ana Osende or a novice in architectural design, you’ll find our services perfectly suited to meet your needs.