Imago Reliquiae is a small individual company of Spanish origin, based in France and with European reach, led by Francisco José Navarro Sánchez.

“Imago” comes from Latin and means “image” or “representation”. In historical and anthropological terms, images and representations have been fundamental in the communication and transmission of culture throughout the centuries. From cave paintings to frescoes in churches and palaces, images have served as a means to tell stories, convey knowledge, and express cultural identities. Additionally, the choice of Latin references the importance of the cultural heritage of classical civilizations, such as the Romans, which have greatly influenced Western architecture and culture.

“Reliquiae” also comes from Latin and means “remains” or “relics”. In this context, it refers to the remnants of the past, such as historical buildings, objects, and artifacts, that constitute invaluable cultural heritage. Studying and preserving these remains allows present and future generations to understand and appreciate the cultural and historical roots of humanity. Heritage conservation is essential in maintaining cultural diversity and fostering identity and continuity.

By combining “Imago” and “Reliquiae”, the company’s name reflects its commitment to the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage through the creation of virtual and visual representations. The use of modern technologies, such as 3D reconstruction and infoarchitecture, provides an innovative and accessible platform for people around the world to experience and learn about the past.

From a scientific and critical perspective, the name Imago Reliquiae encompasses the various dimensions of the company: the visual representation of history and culture (Imago) and the preservation of heritage (Reliquiae). By bringing together these two concepts in a single name, the company highlights its interdisciplinary approach and its commitment to innovation in the field of cultural heritage, architecture, and visual marketing.

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