Virtual Heritage: Innovation and Technology in Cultural Preservation


Would you like to know what virtual heritage is and how our company utilizes the most advanced technology, adapting to the requirements of each project? We provide virtualization and 3D printing services through the digitization of resilient archaeological records and the virtual reconstruction of lost heritage, aiming to preserve and enhance historical and monumental legacy. Learn more about virtual archaeology and its applications for safeguarding heritage. Explore the services and solutions we offer in the field of virtual heritage and discover why we are the best choice for documentation, conservation, research, and dissemination projects.

Latest 2023 Projects in Virtual Heritage

  • 3D Virtualization of a Lariosaurus Fossil from Cehegín.
    Have you ever wondered what a Lariosaurus from the Triassic period looked like? Today we’ll tell you all about the exciting plan for 3D virtualization and reconstruction of the Lariosaurus fossil found in Cehegín, Murcia. This project combines the most advanced techniques for virtualizing paleontological heritage, using photogrammetry and 3D printing. Keep reading and discover how this fascinating marine reptile “comes to life”. The discovery of the Lariosaurus fossil in Cehegín The exceptional discovery of this fossil took place on the historic wall of the town of Cehegín, in the Murcia region, a picturesque town near Caravaca de la Cruz
  • 3D Virtual Integration of the Pavement and Fountain of the Patio de las Doncellas
    Embark on a fascinating journey through history with the virtual integration in 3D of the renowned Patio de las Doncellas at the Real Alcázar of Seville. Discover the architectural beauty and the influence of diverse cultures in this UNESCO World Heritage site. Our approach to historical reconstruction and visualization preserves and promotes cultural richness, enabling future generations to appreciate and value our heritage.
  • Caravaca Slaughterhouse in 3D | Virtual Reconstruction of 20th Century Heritage
    Memory of lost heritage En Imago Reliquiae nos dedicamos a la protección y conservación del patrimonio, y en esta ocasión, nos enorgullece presentar uno de nuestros proyectos más apasionantes hasta la fecha: la reconstrucción virtual en 3D del antiguo matadero municipal de Caravaca de la Cruz. E At Imago Reliquiae, we are dedicated to the protection and conservation of heritage. We are proud to present one of our most exciting projects to date: the 3D virtual reconstruction of the former municipal slaughterhouse of Caravaca de la Cruz. This neomudéjar-style building, an architectural gem of the 20th century, was designed by
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